Tales of Americana Now On Google Play!

The entire catalog of Pre Federal Reserve Tales of Americana is now available for download on Google Play. An Archive Of Pre Federal Reserve Tales Of America. Adapted And Performed by Timothy Patrick Miller. Audio Actor – Narrator – Player. Katharsis  Transformation  Exstasis Selective to Individual Listener At No Additional Expense.    

Amazon Releases Bierce the Revelator

Pleased to announce that Bierce the Revelator is now available for immediate download and streaming on Rent or Purchase at – click on the image above. Directed by Mark Orion for Media1250, the film stars Timothy Patrick Miller as Ambrose Bierce and was filmed in Austin, Texas.

Theatre Performance Magic

Timothy Patrick Miller as Bierce the Revelator

Theatrical catalyst suitable for boomers, creatives, and free range smart kids
Listen and imagine. It will set you free

My warmest and most appreciation for the team and crew as we wrapped production of our new film, Bierce the Revelator.

Mark Orion: Meet the Director

Bierce the Revelator’s director, Mark Orion – Media1250. Mark produces and directs films for Media1250. He is listed in the IMDB as producer, cinematographer, and director for Bierce the Revelator. His background includes projects with Jesse Ventura and a place in theatrical rock history as a founding member of Straight Up.

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